As online poker becomes more and more a national issue, rumblings on Capitol Hill indicate a federal online poker bill may be added during the lame duck session in November. after all, in December of 2011, the federal government changed their definition of The Wire Act, and made it clear to state legislatures that it only applies to sports betting, clearing the way for intra state online poker bills. With federal online poker regulation almost becoming a certainty within the next few years – where does that leave sports bettors?

Sports betting will probably never be regulated federally and surely not anytime soon. Only four states currently allow sports betting, and Nevada is the only state where bettors can wager on individual sporting events. in 1992, Congress passed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which banned sports betting in all states except those that allowed it in some form. The other three states that had some sort of sports betting were Oregon, Montana and Delaware.

Of course other exceptions online allow for websites like to promote special types of sports picks news like “The Sports Geek Picks” for anything related to sports wagering. unfortunately, most citizens can’t even download sportsbooks online to bet on games yet due to intense federal regulations in most states.

As America is in still in the thralls of an economic recession, more states are looking to legalize sports betting within their state. new Jersey voted 2 to 1 on a referendum to allow sports betting. Governor Chris Christie signed the bill into law earlier in 2012, and new Jersey is now allowed to legally offer sports betting. Local casino operators praised Christie but are worried about the Federal Government’s interference.

Casino operators fear they could spend millions setting up shop, for the federal government to come in and shut them down, and make some arrests in the process. It is a scary premise for some casino operators, who also may jeopardize their licenses in other states if the Feds plan to crack down on sports betting in new Jersey.

Delaware recently legalized online gambling within their state, and is allowing citizens to play casino games, purchase lottery tickets, and perhaps allow remote betting on sporting events.

As more cash strapped states recognize the revenue that is available for legalizing sports betting, how many will go against the Federal laws and begin to operate state wide sportsbooks. according to iMEGA, The Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association, sports betting is a $380 million market in the United States. Most of this money goes to offshore sportsbooks or illegal local bookmakers.

One must wonder why the federal government doesn’t take action to regulate the market, bring in millions in taxes and create tens of thousands of jobs? making it legal nationwide would eliminate the criminal element, and a regulated market would add integrity to the major sporting leagues. The prohibition of sports betting by the Federal Government has not worked, a protected and regulated market would solve current problems and add hundreds of millions to the US economy.

Sports Betting Expansion in the USA — Pipe Dream or Future Reality?

It seems that the logical first step was to start with the search engines like Monster and Career Builder. after fighting with the ancient resume, I chuck the whole thing and create a new one with a compatible Microsoft Word document. given that I have no desire to defer my application process until the resume seminar next month, I am resourceful, looking up information online regarding trends in resume presentation, and viewing sample documents. however, my research has some unexpected side effects in the forms of links that purport to give free information, for a price. Suddenly the references are actually solicitations from professional resume writing services. Kind of like Ron Popeil, at merely $39.99, a resume will be produced that guaranteees results, but which type of results is never clearly defined. Some of these services even offer to post your resume in such a way that literally thousands of employers will have access to the information. Excuse me, but isn’t that what I am doing on Monster and Career Builder? Besides, I am now unemployed, so spending money for resume services is not high on the already tight budget priority list. And quite frankly, at this stage of the process, I don’t feel as if I want to pay for the privelege of working.

Career Builder first, not because I perceive it as better, but because it is alpabetically before Monster. Every once in awhile, I attempt to be really systematic and organized in my approach to things, but don’t worry, as it seldom lasts very long. Create the password, upload the resume, and then the website is querying me. Do I want to have my resume professionally critiqued? Curiousity gets the better of me and I click the link, and of course the critique comes at a price, actually a price list. I now wonder if there are good, better, and best resume reviewers, and depending upon the price level you choose, the review will be good, better, or best. but who is going to pay good money for the bargain basement resume fix? If you are going to have a professional perform a service, don’t you want them to be expert in what they are doing? Do you want somebody working on your car who has a Chilton’s Manual underneath the car with them, or somebody who is actually certified to work on your car? I would think that the same rules would apply to something as important as your first impression with an employer. but then I haven’t been in this game for awhile, and perhaps the usual rules have changed as well.

Once I complete my registrations and upload the shiny new, but not professional, resume, it is time to start scanning the actual jobs available. You are allowed to customize your search and even save the customized search, which saves alot of keystrokes in the future. I am amazed to note the dashboard is already showing a number of employers have viewed my resume. This seems promising. I am scanning for things that I have successfully done in prior jobs, and surprisingly, finding a good number of possibilities. just within the last several days. Beginning to wonder why unemployment is so high. Silly question, as I am going to find out really quickly. I select a number of possibilities and start sending out resumes and filling in applications. This is where things start getting complicated.

Many of the job applications take you out of Career Builder, but not necessarily to the employers website. It appears that there are cyber forms of employment agencies, each requiring you to register and set up passwords, providing almost as much information as the applications themselves. they, in turn, forward your application materials to the designated company. I have only been working on this for about two hours and already have a collection of passwords that relate to all these sites. a notebook is going to be required just to keep it all straight. And of course there is the requirement of unemployment that I keep records of all my job contacts, interviews, rejections, just to reassure everyone that I am truly trying to get a job. after all, I am being given such a huge sum of money on unemployment. so, while I am at it, I better set up some folders to keep track of this stuff. Remember, I am in my organized and systematic mode for the moment. Repeat the procedure with Monster and consider it to be a good day all the way around.

Flipping back to my email, I discover that my box is full, but not because of the applications submitted. I have solicitation after solicitation. after reading a few, I discover that I am being contacted by every insurance agency on the planet. Absolutely everyone thinks that I will be just wonderful as an insurance salesperson, but I have no earthly idea what gives them this impression. Furthermore, I really don’t want a “commission only” position. It kind of goes along with my not wanting to pay for the privelege of working. Now, not all of these solicitations are blatantly for sales. Some of them are cleverly hidden under the extremely elastic term of “customer service”. In the world of insurance, it appears that sales and customer service are completely interchangeable terms. I actually made the mistake of setting up interview for a few of the “customer service” positions, but that is for another day an another rant.

I also note a bunch of solicitations that are……well, for lack of a better term, “sketchy”. these have some really bizarre email addresses. Many of them carry big red banners from my spam filters and security programs advising me to delete them immediately. Do not click on any of the links. Do not open any attachments. What is visible seems to promise me that I can make more money than I ever did by working in a traditional job, in my spare time, from my home computer, working as much or as little as I choose….Yeah, right! none of them actually indicate what it is I would be doing for all this wealth, and I am assuming that it is probably marginally illegal or an attempt to rip me off. What is somewhat ironic about this is why do you want to rip off somebody who doesn’t have anything to rip off…..I am unemployed, people. seems that the smart con artists are going to shoot a little higher on their mark, but then, maybe these operators believe in quantity rather than quality. In any event, they are deleted immediately. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. but it does give you pause for concern. after all, these people hit your email based upon the resume which you posted, and that has alot of information….like where you live, and your phone number.

Shouldn’t have spoken so soon. I am now getting a barrage of phone calls. And 90% of them come up on caller ID as ‘No Name’. but, I am going to answer them, because it might be an invitation to an interview. All I can think about is the fact that I dont have unlimited minutes. And unfortunately, about 1 out of 4 has nothing to do with potential jobs. Nope, the online education mills have grabbed off my info and insist that I requested information about furthering my education. when I indicate that I have made no such request, they change tactics and try to tell me about all the research which demonstrates that people with college degrees earn 22% more than those who only have high school educations. at first, I enjoyed messing with these people. Oh really? Is that why the guy who collects my garbage and has a GED is earning more per hour than me? I have a degree, and would you like to make up the 22% salary difference that I have yet to see? I consider it a good day, if I can get them to hang up on me. Some are ridiculously persistent. I am guessing that pit bull factors into their family tree. for these folks, I ask them which part of “no” don’t they understand? I demand to be taken off their list-forever! I adore the ploy which promises to get me “free” money for school. Don’t ask the representative to identify the source of this largesse, because they will tell you that another counselor will help you with your financial aid, once you have registered for classes. having already gone to college and already having received my Bachelors, I am fairly certain that I have exhausted all the “free money” that I was ever entitled to receive. Based upon our experience with FAFSA and financial aid for my son’s undergraduate, despite being 22% short on my projected income, we were till considered to wealthy for anything other than loans.

So much for the federal “Do not Call” list. I am betting that the plague of telemarketting is going to extend well beyond my unemployment. It seems that the mere fact of getting your resume out in front of employers is construed as permission to be plagued for services that you don’t want, and don’t have money for either. but the horse is out of the barn. Even if I pulled my resume, the information is already out there circulating through the world wide web. better find the phone number for Life Lock and get the discount code.

Now, I get to wait. Wait for my response from the unemployment people regarding what I can expect to receive. Wait for responses to my applications and resume. Figure that once I have some responses, I can better judge if my resume is a complete disaster or not. Wait for some new opportunities to be posted…..Lots of waiting here. And I have probably invested as many hours as I would have spent going to work. Certainly need to leave the computer behind. I wonder if I an going to be typing my vital information in my sleep. I have typed the information so many times that it doesn’t even look right any longer. I am also shutting off the phone. Figure that legitimate prospective employers can leave a voice mail message….Drat, I better change my voicemail message, as I think that it has a bit too much “personality”. Oh yeah, and somebody told me that I really need to monitor my facebook page, because employers seem to have nothing better to do than go online and determine if you acted rashly at the last company Christmas party. there is this little imp in me that longs to post a picture sporting some outrageous lamp shade. better supress that urge for now. Quirky may not appeal to the hiring audience. Now I have something else to be paranoid about. have any of my friends or acquaintances posted anything, of which I am not aware, because I don’t spend alot of time on Facebook, that could be incriminating? And even if it isn’t really incriminating, taken out of context, it might not present me in the way I would hope. Oh Fudge! The sun will come out tomorrow-particularly as we are in the midst of a drought.

Computer Games-Applications in the New Millenium

Molinari set to light up Firestone

August 29 , 2012 In: betting tips

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1pt e.w. Francesco Molinari at 50/1 (General 1/4 1,2,3,4,5)

1pt e.w. Louis Oosthuizen at 50/1 (General 1/4 1,2,3,4,5)

2pts win Tiger Woods at 5/1 (General)

1pt e.w. Francesco Molinari ‘without Woods’ at 40/1 (Sky Bet 1/4 1,2,3,4,5)

1pt e.w. Louis Oosthuizen ‘without Woods’ at 40/1 (General 1/4 1,2,3,4,5)

Whilst waiting to catch a flight to Inverness for the Scottish Open, Francesco Molinari did a mini Twitter Q&A.

I happened to be watching and was slightly surprised how he answered the classic “what’s your favourite course?” question.

“Paris National and Firestone,” he replied. really?!

It was easy to see why he said the former as he’d just finished runner-up there for the second time in three years.

Firestone, the par 70 that hosts this week’s WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, was a surprise though and I mentally filed it away for later use.

With Molinari also finishing second in Scotland a few days after his Firestone Twitter revelation, he’s stayed very much on my radar although I didn’t feel compelled to join in the gamble that saw his Open odds slashed to 33s in places.

Francesco had a decent Open (39th) given that he’d he’d missed three of his previous four cuts in the event, so now he should be able to pick up his hot form again on a course which he apparently loves.

On first glance, there’s no obvious reason why he’s such a fan given that his two Firestone finishes are ‘only’ 39th (2010) and 15th (2011) but a closer look at his round scores shows a day-two 64 last year.

Speaking in 2010 on his debut at Firestone, Molinari said: “It’s the first time I have been here and I have been looking forward to playing this course. I had heard great things about it and they were right.”

As a man not prone to over-exaggeration, that’s a pretty strong endorsement and those feelings clearly grew the following year.

At Lytham he topped the Driving Accuracy stats and was fourth in Greens In Regulation so it was only his putting which let him down.

That’s often his Achilles’ heel but he putted well in Scotland and had solid stats on Firestone’s greens in 2011 so hopefully it was just the puzzle of Lytham’s putting surfaces which he failed to solve.

Francesco is already a WGC winner having landed the HSBC Champions in 2010 and it’s worth remembering that he and runner-up Lee Westwood were nine shots clear of Luke Donald in third while sixth-placed Tiger was 12 in arrears.

Having already beaten the world’s best, Molinari is a value price at 50/1 to do so again and make Firestone his absolute favourite course on the planet.

The news during the practice rounds at Lytham was that Louis Oosthuizen was absolutely ‘striping it’.

The South African kept on the fringes of the leaderboard throughout and seemed all set for a top-five finish until he dropped to 19th after a bogey, double bogey finish.

Still, it was a decent week and an obvious hint that Oosthuizen is close to recapturing the fantastic form he showed in the spring.

Three starts in April saw the 2010 Open champ finish third, second and first.

The third came at the Houston Open the week before the Masters and he carried that form to Augusta where he had one arm in the Green Jacket before losing to Bubba Watson in a play-off.

Despite the agony of missing out on Masters glory, Oosthuizen boarded a plane to the Far East and eased to a three-shot victory in the Malaysian Open.

That burst of high-class golf probably took it out of him a little and it was no surprise to see his results take a dip soon after.

However, he looks ready to thrive again and Firestone looks a good fit.

On debut in 2011, Oosthuizen closed 68-65 on the weekend to finish tied ninth and although he couldn’t match that last year (tied 37th), it was all money in the bank.

The 29-year-old is now very much at home on the US Tour and said his ability to handle the faster greens in America was highlighted by his vastly improved performance at Augusta where he’d previously missed all three cuts.

Get on Louis at a very decent 50/1.

The perennial question at Firestone is whether to back Tiger Woods or not.

For years, Tiger was just about invincible at Firestone and, amazingly, won here seven times in nine years between 1999 and 2009.

In the last two renewals Tiger has only finished 78th and 37th but those displays came when he was struggling with his game.

Having already banked three wins this season, the 5/1 about him securing yet another victory here is far from unfair and, as we’ve said many times on bettingzone, Tiger is best backed on courses where he’s played well before.

Some punters will go ‘all in’ on Woods this week but I prefer to hedge a little.

I’ll keep Tiger onside by having a 2pts saver while I’ll also have further bets on Molinari and Oosthuizen in the ‘without Woods’ market.

If a two-horse race does emerge, there’s a strong chance that Tiger will be one of them so landing a 40/1 payout on either Molinari or Oosthuizen even if they get beaten by Woods would be very sweet indeed.

It also opens up another each-way place if Tiger occupies a top five slot.

  • Preview posted at 1006 BST on 31/07/2012.

    Molinari set to light up Firestone

  • Confident that the presidential election this year lacks the drama of 2008, ABC, CBS and NBC are cutting back coverage of the conventions, Jeremy W. Peters reports. This means, among other things, that the first night of the four-night Republican National Convention will be skipped entirely by the networks, including a speech by Ann Romney, Mitt Romney’s wife. the other three nights will get an hour each. (The Democratic convention is only three nights long, but NBC will offer two of its three hours of coverage on the final night so it can carry an N.F.L. football game earlier in the week.)

    • Brian Williams, the NBC anchor, said that “people have had it up to here” with political news, and added: “I’d love more coverage of the conventions. I also live in the real world.”
    • Menacing plans for the Republican convention in Tampa, Fla., was a storm brewing in the Caribbean, Tropical Storm Isaac, The Tampa Bay Times reported. According to some models Isaac could reach Tampa by Monday, the start of the convention; other models show it breaking up over the mountains of Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

    Photographs showing a naked Prince Harry in a Las Vegas hotel suite with a naked woman, or women, published by the Hollywood Web site TMZ were confirmed as genuine by palace officials in London, John F. Burns reported. While the two candid photographs — presumably taken by cellphones during a game of strip billiards — have been flashed around the world, they have largely been kept out of British publications, and off British Web sites, after royal aides asked Britain’s newspaper watchdog, the Press Complaints Commission, to warn British newspapers not to publish them.

    • To some, including the CNN host Piers Morgan who is a former British tabloid editor, this restraint was a sign of less-than-fully-free press. his post to Twitter: “Oh, the irony of every single media outlet in the world now running Prince Harry photos – EXCEPT the ‘naughty’ British tabloids. #shackled”
    • Of course, even at the “shackled” British Web sites, the images were merely a click away.

    The conservative documentary “2016: Obama’s America” is the top movie for advance ticket sales, according to online ticketing service Fandango, The Hollywood Reporter writes. the movie, codirected by Dinesh D’Souza and based on his book that argues that President Obama pursues his father’s left-leaning, “anticolonial” ideals, will expand to 1,075 theaters on Friday. last weekend, the Hollywood Reporter noted, the film grossed an impressive $1.2 million in only 169 theaters.

    The British betting house Ladbrokes has set its odds for the Nobel Prize in Literature, with Haruki Murakami topping the list at 10/1 odds. the listing of the odds was flagged in a Twitter message by Publishers Weekly, and are given respect – last year the Swedish poet and eventual prize winner, Tomas Transtromer, was considered the second favorite. (The biggest payout is for the writers at 100/1 odds, including Jonathan Franzen.)

    The Breakfast Meeting: Politics Bores the Networks, and Harry Tempts British Papers

    Bet On Baseball

    August 28 , 2012 In: on line betting sites

    MLB baseball is here again for another exciting 2008 season MLB betting is back also Bet on baseball is a major sport to bet on and one of the best and most predictable. if you have never bet on online sports now is the time. there is many sportsbook bonus offers out there on pretty much any sports book site you sign up on for the very first time. there is absolutely nothing like getting a sports system done that will constantly give you winning sports picks constantly.

    Now, if you you’re a busy person just like me you may want to pay for a baseball picks through a professional sport handicapper just like I have. These type of individuals study every baseball line by analyzing injuries, weather conditions, angles, wind, trends, etc. spending at least 10 hours a day. These are professionals that can guarantee you at least an 82% or better winning percentage. now professional sports betting will give you the best mlb odds of winning, way better than your average Joe could ever pick. if you like to gamble and do not know much about sports, betting online sports definitely is the best way to make a profit. You have at least a 50/50 shot of winning each game without any knowledge on any games. now, to be the most profitable money line bets are okay, but you risk a lot of money for a low reward. The money line for a game may be -225, which means you need to put 225 dollars on a game just to win 100 bucks. Really not worth it and professional sports bettors usually do not bet on money lines. they will give you great picks that will pay off on your money.

    Now when looking for sportsbooks you can check out sportsbooks reviews but I will try to save you some time. look for sports sites that offer huge sign up bonuses just for joining for the first time. You can even try vip sports book which give you great live odds of winning. all sportsbooks are known as online betting sites, which are so much easier than having your own bookie. You don’t even have to make a phone call, and nowadays with online capabilities on your phone you can place bets right over your phone it is such a great win win situation that you can’t possibly overlook.

    Now back to professional handicappers. You should try to find one that will offer you winning picks for a low monthly cost. The low monthly cost should be around 50 bucks a month or so. if you are paying anything higher than this you are getting severely ripped off. I have been using my professional sports handicapper for over 6 months and not 1 time have I ever had a losing month. they send their pick of the day by 9 am everyday, and I place my bet around lunch time it is the best feeling in the world being at work, checking the score on the game and hear that you’re winning and making money for doing nothing. I wish you the best of luck

    Bet On Baseball

    If California lawmakers pass a controversial gambling measure now under consideration in Sacramento, the Golden State will join New Jersey in a bicoastal effort to overturn a 20-year-old partial federal ban on sports wagering.

    The measure would legalize sports betting at licensed gaming establishments such as tribal casinos and racetracks, including those at Del Mar and Santa Anita.

    "the bill is still alive," said Paul Donahue, a consultant for California state Sen. Roderick Wright, D-Inglewood, who authored the measure.

    "Wright authored the bill because he believes California residents should be able to wager on sports," Donahue said. "Another reason was to help the horse racing industry, card rooms, tribal casinos and generate revenue for the state."


    Federal law prohibits sports betting in 46 states. California residents who want to place a bet on sports now must do it illegally or travel to Nevada where it’s legal to operate a race and sport book.

    Nevada casino visitors wagered about $2.87 billion on sporting events in 2011. Gross gaming revenue for Nevada’s sports books last year was $140.7 million, which is equal to 4.9 percent of the total wagered.

    Most analysts say that market will be safe, even if California allows sports betting.

    David G. Schwartz, director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, said he doubts customers would skip a Las Vegas experience during the Super Bowl or March Madness – heavy sports book events - just because they could lay down a bet in Los Angeles.

    If anything, Schwartz said, Cantor Gaming, Station Casinos LLC, William Hill U.S. and other companies with a big Las Vegas presence would stand to benefit from California legalization because they could extend operations there.

    Nevada is now one of four states exempted from the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. the others are Oregon, Montana and Delaware, where operating sports lotteries are legal.

    Also excluded from the act are jai alai, horse racing and dog racing. Also, Congress provided a one-year window of opportunity, until Jan. 1, 1993, for states that had casino gaming for the previous decade to pass legislation allowing sports wagering.

    New Jersey failed to take advantage of that window to legalize sports betting.

    Donahue said Wright’s bill is "enjoying bipartisan support" in the California Legislature, where it awaits a hearing in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. On May 29, the bill passed the state Senate on a 32-2 vote.

    Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown has not indicated if he will sign the bill if it passes both houses. A recent Field Poll showed a majority of registered voters – 58 percent to 35 percent – support legalization of sports betting.

    Senate bill 1390, which Wright introduced in February, would allow any licensed gambling establishment to offer sports wagering. Wright is chairman of the Committee on Government Organization, which oversees horse racing. Wright’s district is home to Hollywood Park, a major horse track.

    The measure is also expected to help the state’s struggling horse-racing industry, which has unsuccessfully tired to get slot machines to boost revenue. the committee analysis of the bill doesn’t mention tax figures, saying only that the "passage of this bill will capture significant economic activity that has been transferred out of state."

    Total handle at racetracks last year declined by more than $537 million, according to the California Horse Racing Board’s annual report. the total dipped to $2.9 billion for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2011, a 15.6 percent drop from the $3.44 billion in fiscal year 2009-2010.

    A spokesman for the California Horse Racing Board declined to comment. other influential interest groups, including a number of American Indian tribes, are still scrutinizing the measure.

    David Quintana, political director for the California Tribal Business Alliance in Sacramento, said tribes have serious concerns about the measure. He said it violates the state’s Constitution, which says any expansion of Class III gaming must be approved by voters.

    "the other issue is protecting our industry," Quintana said. "if we go by the Wright bill as written … would tribes be in a better place? I don’t think we would."

    Quintana said he’s worried about tribal casinos losing customers to card rooms and off-track betting shops.

    He said the measure seems to violate the tribes’ casino revenue-sharing agreements, or compacts, with the state, which allow gaming on tribal lands in exchange for payments to the state. Quintana said the measure calls for tribes to negotiate new revenue-sharing agreements.

    "That is a very dangerous proposition for tribes," Quintana said. "I expect we will offer some more restrictions to the bill."


    Legalizing sports wagering in California would accelerate any showdown with the federal government over the issue. in New Jersey, the state Division of Gaming Enforcement has created regulations for sports betting, giving Republican Gov. Chris Christie the necessary framework for his campaign to overturn the federal ban.

    The new regulations would restrict sports pool licensing to Atlantic City casinos and state-owned racetracks, or their joint venture. it would cost $50,000 for a license application, and a resubmission fee of the same amount over five years. half of the fees will go toward prevention, education, and treatment programs for compulsive gamblers.

    Christie has said he hopes to see sports betting by year’s end.

    How federal officials will react remains anyone’s guess.

    "I don’t think the Obama administration or U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will do anything," said Schwartz. "I don’t see them sending in the FBI."

    Opponents of legalized sports betting include the National Football League, National Basketball Association and other professional sports leagues. They argue that widespread legalized betting would threaten the integrity of their sports by adding incentives to cheat and fix games.

    Not that incentives aren’t easy enough to find for those who seek them. according to the American Gaming Association, illegal sports gambling is a more than $300 billion industry nationwide.

    And in the current sluggish economy, some American professional and college sports teams seeking to boost revenues have signed marketing deals with casinos. the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino, located in Highland about 60 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, is a sponsor of the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball.

    It’s unclear whether state-approved regulations would help Christie or Brown in California if opponents of sports wagering were to file an injunction to block sports wagers.

    Schwartz said legalizing sports wagering in New Jersey is an effort to revitalize a gaming market that has been steadily losing revenue and customers to Pennsylvania, Connecticut and elsewhere since 2006. Gaming analysts estimate that sports betting would bring in annually about $1.3 billion in gross revenues and about $120 million in tax revenues.

    New Jersey gaming revenues have declined from $5.3 billion in 2006 to an expected $3.1 billion this year, he said.

    "They’ve been hurt by the competition," Schwartz said. "They need to differentiate themselves and give people a reason to drive to Atlantic City. to go there past all these other places with gambling."

    Contact reporter Chris Sieroty at or 702-477-3893.

    California looking to legalize sports bets

    Recently, my company published an infographic; for anyone who doesn’t know what that is – It’s a collection of information on a particular subject portrayed by illustrations in one (usually large) graphic.

    While conducting our research I noticed that there really aren’t too many infographic portals around. I mean, you have sites like who post the best of the best. you have which is almost a community and then a whole bunch of sites which were set up to earn money. And rightly so! Let me explain…

    A tonne of infographics are produced and released daily, weekly and monthly. Each of which are looking to get themselves posted onto as many blogs, infographic portals and tech marketing blogs as possible. I found that there were only about 30-40 wesbites I could submit them too. whilst doing my usual SEO checks I picked up on many of the sites lack of inbound links, PageRank, domain authority and quality in general, yet, they were able to charge £25 per submission. So I thought… ‘hmmmmmmmm, I could easily make a site with more value than this’.

    AceInfographics.comSo, I went a registered this domain name. There wasn’t much thought put into the domain except I say the word ‘ace’ quite a lot and infographics was a given. my theory is that if I can spend just 10 minutes posting a couple of infographics to the site every day – whilst giving credits to the rightful owners of course, over a short amount of time the site will be indexed and noticed as a source of infographics. With just a small amount of tactical link building, my website will become a PageRank 1-2 and be more than able to charge £5 – £10 per submission; though I’ve started it off at a tiny £1 per submission for testing reasons.

    The Theory

    If I can get just 5 submissions a week at £1, why couldn’t I get the same when I’m charging £10, the website has increased domain authority and is actually worth getting a link from? At which point I’d be making a healthy £200 a month for little to no work. anyway, that’s the theory; I guess we’ll see how it goes…

    And just because I mentioned it earlier, here’s the infographic we produced for one of our websites Source: – Testing a Theory

    Author Charles Carroll Dawson described Saratoga Springs, N.Y., in 1874 as a place where “elegant private residences, with handsomely ornamented grounds, are numerous, and rapidly multiplying with the increase of opulent citizens who establish country-seats here, or, upon retiring from active business, make it the place of their permanent abode.”

    This town of 27,000 some 30 miles north of Albany in the foothills of the Adirondacks is no longer associated with country houses and retirees. but Saratoga Springs today has no less appeal for many.

    Relatively quiet for much of the year, come mid-summer, it becomes a highly competitive, vice-fueled testament to state-sanctioned hedonism, which is what initially drew Barbara Spiegler of Teaneck to town. when she first visited on the invitation of a “horse-race-loving friend of a friend,” little did she know it would become an annual trip, then a regular obsession.

    The racing season runs from mid-July through Labor Day and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. Last year more than 870,000 people bought tickets during the season, and this year 75,000 showed in the first week alone.

    “I came up for a one-time cheap thrill and ended up returning year after year. I first came to see horses run in person, but there was a certain magnetism that kept me coming back,” said Spiegler, whose initial visit was to attend the annual Jim Dandy Stakes, held every summer since 1964. “The funny thing is there’s nothing specific that I can put a finger on that led me to do so. I guess it’s just the overall atmosphere and attractiveness of the place.”

    That hard-to-pinpoint “something” about the town that struck a chord led the single mother of two “on a super-tight budget” to start house-hunting a couple of years ago. she eventually found just the right place: a three-bedroom, two-bath house within walking distance of restaurants and Saratoga Lake, which she bought for $147,000.

    “I met and befriended someone who owned a house and was planning to move to Florida. … They didn’t need all the cash at once, which was perfect for me, because I couldn’t qualify for a sizable mortgage,” said Spiegler. “The house is being seller-financed and I got it for only $10,000 down and a payment of around $600 a month, without having to go through a bank.”

    Spiegler, 39, a secretary who works in new York’s financial district, spends every weekend with her children in Saratoga Springs, “recovering from a professional life” by dividing time between outside activities in town and private bonding at home. “It’s a much-needed haven from a crazy workweek,” she says.

    Saratoga Springs has long been a favored escape. Hunting brought the Iroquois to the area, and the discovery of natural mineral baths, which they called “The Medicine Springs of the great Spirit,” helped persuade them to stay. by the early 19th century, the town had become a summer resort and health spa town popular with weary urbanites — known as “The World’s Fountain of Youth.”

    These days, most warm-weather visitors come for horse-racing season and to browse the shops along Broadway, downtown’s primary strip. Some come to admire its graceful Victorian architecture or to pop into the bohemian boutiques and trendy galleries in the Beekman Street Arts District.

    Local housing stock consists largely of historic properties with a smattering of new single-family construction by high-end builders like the award-winning Witt Construction ( and a few young developments including the luxury planned community The Elm at Saratoga (, priced from the mid-$500s.

    “Even though there is a little bit of something to satisfy people of all types, Saratoga Springs is really a family-oriented town underneath it all,” said Spiegler. “It’s not known as a second-home spot, but it certainly is a nice one, if you happen to like vibrant small-town America.”

    Saratoga Springs, N.Y.: Historical Adirondack town serves as summer escape

    The Ontario Colleen Stakes 2012 betting odds were available for this Woodbine race event Saturday.  You can find all the latest odds at here, offering up to 8 percent on horses back.  The best online horse racing bar none. 

    The favorites at this year’s Ontario Colleen Stakes 2012 included Sky Dreamer at 8/5, Colonial Flag at 2/1 and Spirited Miss at 7/2. 

    The Ontario Colleen Stakes is a Canadian Thoroughbred horse race run in Toronto at Woodbine open to three-year-old fillies.  It is raced on turf at a distance of one mile (or 8 furlongs).  This year’s race features a $150,000 purse.  Up to $50,000 in bonuses are available for eligible Ontario-bred horses.

    Ontario Colleen Stakes (Woodbine – Race 8) Odds to Win – all Bets Action – Aug 25, 2012

    - Carrie Stroup, Senior Reporter

    Ontario Colleen Stakes 2012 Betting Odds – Woodbine Race has Sky Dreamer Favored

    WTA New Haven Open at Yale Tennis Betting InfoThere is a big chance of an historic five-peat happening in the WTA this week, that is because former World Number One Caroline Wozniacki is gunning for her fifth straight title here. the Danish starlet has dominated the event recently, and is back as one of the main highlights of the tournament for 2012. This will be the final preparations ahead of the action at Flushing Meadows next week and the 2012 US Open. So there is only four of the top ten players in the world in attendance this week at New Haven. Still, there are plenty of good betting opportunities out there to take advantage of.

    WTA New Haven Open at Yale Tennis Betting Defending ChampionCaroline Wozniacki, as we have touched upon is the defending champion here, however, she is going to be a long way from being the favourite. Which is strange considering her track record at the event. why is that? Well it is because the former world number one has been a long way short of her best this year. She has had promising runs, like her recent semi final in Montreal where she pushed hard against eventual winner Petra Kvitova, but then she followed it up with a routine round of sixteen defeat in Cincinnati last week. So she has not looked close to a title since her runner up effort at Copenhagen back in April. That was a long time ago. Her defence is not what it was, she is perhaps burned out a bit and not looking supremely confidence as she did when she was on top of the world. Still, if a title is going to come her way this year, with her track record, you would assume that her best chance will be here. She is trading around 3/1 at online betting exchange BetFair. 

    WTA New Haven Open at Yale Tennis Betting FavouritePetra Kvitova has been making a welcome return to the WTA spotlight. after scrapping it out with Na Li for the title in Montreal, she went straight through to the semi’s of Cincinnati last week. Good to see her back on her game and a much stronger prospect here really than Wozniacki. Kvitova has had a tough year, but she has shown some resilience in getting back to the kind of form she was in twelve months ago. It’s been hard work, but she has been putting in the hours and it is paying off again and could be just peaking at the right time to take on the US Open at Flushing Meadows next week. Kvitova is in good shape at the moment, serving well and has the power to go all of the way here. Kvitova is trading at a price of 2/1 with online betting exchange BetFair. 

    Other ContendersGreat field out this week, despite only four of them being from the top ten. Agnieszka Radwanska is one of those from the top ten, but is just struggling to find that ruthless edge at the moment. She isn’t one of the biggest hitters and just looks perhaps as if she is running out of a bit of steam after such a long season. She is bursting with class though and after a disappointing couple of weeks she will be keen to get her touch back ahead of the US Open and that could just make her a danger here in the field. She goes as top seed and the number three in the world wouldn’t hit Kvitova until the final itself.

    Italian Sara Errani had a phenomenal season on the clay court swing of the season, picking up four titles. She is a really scrappy little player and this isn’t too difficult of a field for her to conquer. Confidence shouldn’t be a problem for her really, the only question is over her surface ability. She is immense on clay, but has taken a while to transition back to the hard court where she is less comfortable. Still, is she gets into gear, could make an interesting challenger.

    Marion Bartoli is just tempting to have a punt on. the Frenchwoman had a tremendous season last year, but has been struggling with injury and therefore maintaining her status. There were signs in July that she was back on the right back, making the quarters of Stanford and then the final of Carlsbad. She hasn’t matched up well against the big guns this season, but this is not an overly competitive field so she could string a run together. Not too bad of a shout really and could run into Errani at the quarter final stage.

    Dominika Cibulkova will be one to watch out for as well as she is in decent shape and goes as sixth seed. She is in the loaded top half of the draw where Wozniacki, Radwanska and Maria Kirilenko are all residing. She won in Carlsbad ahead of the Olympics and had to retire with an injury concern from Cincinnati last week. She came through her New Haven first round match though and there is tough draw ahead of her. dangerous outsider if she is fit.

    Best Outside BetYoung German starlet Mona Barthel is in the mix and could be a threat to Radwanska in the top quarter of the draw. Barthel is one of the best young players on the WTA Tour and very well likely be the next big thing in a couple of years. Has tasted victory on the WTA this season already and took out the experienced Daniela Hantuchova in the first round here. probably the most dangerous floater in the field. Barthel is trading at 37/1 with online betting exchange BetFair.

    Latest WTA New Haven Open at Yale Tennis Betting Prices at online betting exchange BetFairPetra Kvitova 2/1, Caroline Wozniacki 3/1, Agnieszka Radwanska 4/1, Dominika Cibulkova 19/2, Sara Errani 19/2, Marion Bartoli 10/1, Maria Kirilenko 20/1

    WTA New Haven Open at Yale Tennis Betting Odds and Preview